* Product: Implantable Defibrillator

* Designed, implemented and tested various firmware sub-systems




* Product: Blood CoZMonitor

* Hardware and firmware enhancements to existing glucometer to seamlessly integrate via infra-read to the Deltec Insulin Pump


Visioneered Image Systems


* Product: Sports Arena Banner Sign

* Developed microcontroller / FPGA based device to accept video data from a 150mbps optical link, perform digamma, color space correction and uniformity correction at 30fps. This processed data was then translated from a horizontal raster to a vertical raster and re-transmitted to display modules through a 180mbps optical link.

* Product: VISMAX display

* Currently developing next generation display technology




* Participated in numerous medical device developments


Oratec Interventions, Inc. (Acquired by Smith & Nephew)


* Product: Vulcan Arthroscopy System

* Developed captive microcontroller based remote control to allow physicians to adjust treatment parameters during a procedure




* Product: AO Infusion (Aqueous Oxygen)

* Redesigned User Interface

* Designed and implemented multi-channel, interrupt driven serial interface

* Wrote and executed Software Verification procedure


Vidamed (Acquired by Medtronic)


* Product: TUNA Transurethral Need Ablation

* Converted existing 68HC11 based firmware from assembly language to C resulting in smaller code footprint conversion was starting point for significant product enhancement

* Incorporated DLCP into existing product to provide high reliability communications between embedded 68HC11 and Windows 95


J.P. Instruments


* Product: Aviation Instrumentation

* Converted several devices from PLM to C