Innovative Software/Firmware Products, Inc. specializes in software, hardware and firmware development for embedded products.  Typical designs include:  embedded hardware/firmware, FPGAs as well as PC based software for communicating with the embedded device.


ISFP, Inc. works closely with clients and provides consulting, quick turn proof of concept prototyping as well as complete product solutions.


Areas of Expertise:


*  Medical Devices

*        Blood Processing

*        Blood Glucometers

*        Uterine Activity Monitoring

*        RF monitoring / control


*  Commercial Products

*        Electronic LED Billboard Displays

*        Airplane Instrumentation


*  Hardware

*        8/16/32 bit microcontroller designs

*        FPGA

*        Low power


*  Software

*        Embedded C/C++

*        Real-time OS

*        Hardware integration